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Installing dictionaries

Keepass2Android will load dictionaries for your current language both from AnySoftKeyboard and from Hacker's keyboard.
* For AnySoftKeyboard dictionaries visit:
* For Hacker's Keyboard dictionaries visit:

Automatic keyboard switching on rooted devices

In order to automatically switch to the KP2A keyboard and back, you need to
* have a rooted device (per Android security policies)
* have at least KP2A version 0.9.3-pre2
* install the Secure Settings app with the "System+" module available in Secure Settings v. 1.3.4 and above. Note: At the time of this writing, this is only available through the beta channel. To access the beta, join the Secure Settings Google Group (!forum/secure-settings) and visit to opt in to the beta. You should see an update to Secure Settings in the Play Store within a few hours.
* Go to the KP2A keyboard settings. Enable auto-switch on rooted devices.

If you go to a website, select "Share URL" -> Keepass2Android, the keyboard should be switched as soon as you locate the entry or when it's found automatically.

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yurkennis Oct 24, 2015 at 12:45 AM 
Is there way to make this "Automatic keyboard switching" work for native apps, not only for web sites?