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Keepass2AndroidOffline shows work offline/online/sync options

Jul 1, 2017 at 3:35 AM
I have downloaded Keepass2AndroidOffline on my galaxy S7 and it shows work offline, work online, and synchronize database options and messages appear when i lock db about 'remote file and cache are synchronised. Also the database path is shown as content://XXXX.kdbx. It seems to me that it is behaving as Keypass2Android rather than the offline version. I originally installed the offline version on my tablet to try it out for a few days and and their it behaves exactly as I would expect for an offline version ... the database path is shown as the full path rather than content://.

I repeated the install of offline version three times from playstore onto my phone and the same things happen. After few times locking/unlocking db the non-offline features start appearing - eg a work offline checkbox on the unlock screen. These never appear on my tablet.

I have version 1.01-g on both tablet and phone.