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Additional QuickUnlock Options

Mar 8, 2017 at 4:04 PM
I'd like some additonal options for QuickUnlock. I realize some of these will slightly reduce the level of security, but it would still be extremely secure and, ultimately, it should be up to each individual user how secure vs how convenient they want it to be.

1) Allow the user to configure how many quick unlock attempts are allowed before requiring the master password. Sometimes, I screw up. And when I do, it's a pain to have to type in a >30 character password to gain access. Considering I use 4 characters instead of the default 3, I'm already actually significantly more secure than the default, and allowing, for example, 3 tries before locking it down will still be more secure than the default and secure enough to satisfy me.

2) If, for some reason, #1 cannot or will not happen, then at least make it not count a blank entry. Occasionally, I'll accidentally hit "QUICKUNLOCK!" without typing anything in and, again, screw myself. If the field is blank, it shouldn't count. Part of the reason I do this sometimes is that the keyboard covers up the line for entering the key, so I don't see it. Perhaps the blue area with the green icon and the word "QuickUnlock" could be made smaller so this line would be higher up on the screen to avoid being coverd up.

3) This one will actually make it MUCH MORE secure: Add an option to not display how many characters to enter for the quick unlock. The user should know how many are required, and without stating this number anybody trying to break in will be at a total loss.

4) Allow a combination of fingerprint and the quick unlock key to unlock the full / master password, but only with a certain number of tries. Again, this number should be customizable by the user, but should be able to be set differently from the standard quick unlock number. This way, I don't have to re-enter my very long password every time I reboot my phone or something else happens that causes the app to lock down fully (Probably 90% of the time when I go to use the app I have to enter my full password, despite having unlocked it even earlier that day). Instead, I could just enter my fingerprint and my quick unlock key, but if I get it wrong, for example, 2 times, then the app would fully lock down. If possible, there should be an option to set it to somehow remember this so the full lockdown persists after a reboot.