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Suggestion: Pronounceable password generator

Dec 14, 2016 at 2:07 PM
The last password I used for my daily login was generated by keepass2Android. It was completely random and difficult to remember. It took me nearly a week and a half before I had the complete sequence down. Even then it was difficult to enter as it also contained a couple sequences where the same character was repeated in upper and lower case.

My suggestion is to add the password generating algorithm found in pwgen (

Still random. Still secure. WAAAY easier to remember and type. I generated a new password using that and had it committed to memory as soon as it was changed. The first couple times I had to pause a moment but once I recall the first "syllable" - the rest just falls into place. :)

I've also forked this project to see if I could add the same. Not sure if I'll have the time to get a working copy running so thought I'd also ask for it here.

-Duane Meyer