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Keepass2Android deletes Files on OwnCloud-WebDAV without asking !!!

Nov 15, 2016 at 3:15 PM
Please beware!!

Today i thought it would be a good idea to use some password manager on android with the password-file on my owncloud (7.x) on my linux server.
I installed the keepass2android on my OnePlus3 mobile phone. Then I tried to configure the owncloud-share. Well, as it seems, Keepass2Android does not support the native owncloud protocoll.
So i figured out that it can work over WebDAV and got the webdav-link from my owncloud-webpage (left lower corner under 'settings').
I configured that link in the Keeepass2Android configuration including the username and password for my owncloud.
well - aaaaahhhhm - after a few seconds all my files on the owncloud (over 2700 important business files) where gone.

luckily on my other clients they where not automatically deleted (=synced). the oneclowd client on my windows pc figured out that there is some kind of reinitialisation of the filesystem on my owncloud account going on. and the windows owncould client asked me if it should remove all that files on the client.

after pressing 'no', the owncloud client synced back the 2700 files from my client to the could.
this was a shock moment cause i did really much work last day - especially tax work, which i hate.
so, i was lucky and i did not think that the keepass2android app is such a destructive app.

what kind of an application developer does think that deleting all the files on a webdav-account is a good idea? especially without asking/informing the user?

i really do not know what to say now and it's better if i do not say anything so that no one gets insulted.