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Best workaround for OneDrive for Business

Sep 15, 2016 at 2:52 PM
I want to store the database file on OneDrive for Business. As others have noted, this is not supported. But what is the next-best thing?

I can actually open the database on OneDrive for business after I set up the connection and access it via the "System file picker" - but only in read-only mode. As soon as I pick the file, Keepass2Android asks me if I want to copy the database to a location where it can be updated. If I cancel, it will open it in read-only mode. But the file is writable in OneDrive.
The OneDrive for Business connection is not available when I select "OneDrive" for the storage type in the Open dialog.

I can, however, use my regular (non-Office 365) OneDrive connection and can read and write just fine there. But I cannot share it only with Office 365 users that way - anyone with the link can access the file.

So I am at a loss here. I tried to connect to the file via WebDav, to no avail. I only get 503 errors. I require 2-factor authentication in Office 365, which complicates this a bit, and WebDav access should only work with an app password, but I tried both an app password and my regular password and cannot access the file via WebDav from Keepass2Android.

So it appears that my options are:
  • Use OneDrive for Business & System File Picker and accept that we can only use it in read-only mode on Android
  • Use OneDrive (SkyDrive) and accept that everybody with the link can write to the file
  • Go outside the Microsoft ecosystem
I don't like either. Am I missing another option?