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Keepass2Android: WebDAV File conflict - not syncing anymore

Jun 17, 2016 at 2:16 PM

i am using Keepass2Android on my Samsumg S5mini. The Keepass database (kdbx) file is synched using WebDAV to a OwnCloud instance.

Last week a added a entry to my Keepass2Android and and a new entry to my Keepass on my PC. Both synced the database back to my OwnCloud server. My PC was the first one who finished updating the file on OwnCloud. The subsequent attempt from my Keepass2Android failed, saying there is a file conflict.

Keepass2Android stops syncing since last week. Means it uses the local cached keepass database only. Keepass2Android do not get a newer version of that database from OwnCloud (new passwords will not become available for my Samsung, and new passwords from my Samsung do not become available for other OwnCloud-enabled devices).

How can i say to Keepass2Android:
1) save local database file version of "MyKeepassDatabase.kdbx" with a different name (e.g. MyKeepassDatabase_conflicted_on_SamsungS5mini.kdbx") back to OwnCloud or to SDcard (in a directory i can access from PC via USB)
use "MyKeepassDatabase.kdbx" from server (overwrite local cache with server version)

2) force updating the remote file version with the local version

I can not find the local cached version of the keepass database file on my Samsung (USB connection) to create a manual backup of it or to delete it myself.

How to get a copy of the local cached database version? Why? Because i want to export both database versions (Samsung and Owncloud) as XML, diff them and merge the entries - to generate a very new database file that includes all entries.