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Obtaining current offline version apk (and compatible with Amazon Fire tablet)

Mar 30, 2016 at 8:47 PM

I'm very interested in using the offline version of Keepass2Android.

This would be to install on a recent sole purpose dedicated Amazon Fire 7" Fire tablet - which will never be going online. This is so that no malware that may ever be present on it can send data anywhere off the tablet. I find that this vital issue of securty by total isolation is never properly addressed by any other current password manager software/system. I'm hoping to use this app with this tablet to accomplish this.

However I ran into a few issues when attempting this.

1) Much as I'd prefer a downloadable apk, there is no version on Amazon - only an old KeePassDroid app which states Latest Developer Update: April 10, 2014 which has it's own issues:
I only mention this as I also need to be able to choose the file path to the database file, which hopefully is the case with the KP2AO app.

2) I can't obtain seem to obtain a downloadable current (0.9.9-offline-b) version apk (on it's own) from Google Play - to attempt to sideload. Also I've had previous issues with 'app store' type apps always needing to go online to the app store (apparently for some sort of periodic authentication - even when they're free) which defeats my goal of the dedicated device and app being offline forever.

3) the most recent version available on this site seems to be 0.9.8b, which I am currently attempting to use to test install/use the app - when I figure out how to sideload it - although there seems to be discussion about keyboard and/or other issues with that released version (the corresponding app store one anyway) of the app which seem likely to have been fixed in the most recent version.

I'd be grateful for your help and advice.

Jun 3, 2016 at 6:50 PM
{ not intending to reply to my own post - but I'm so confused that I have to post some of these observations ... I'm not trying to nitpick about datestamps or download availability but this site and/or forum appears in soem ways to be broken ... }

First thanks for posting the kp2a-offline-release-0.9.9-ob.apk. I will try to update my installed version 0.9.8b (as mentioned above).

Second, there seems to be some very odd datestamp stuff going on here.

It probably didn't help that I was away unavoidably for a couple of months after posting my original post above on March 30.

The newest version which I've just picked up (as I mentioned above) states 'Feb 11, 2016, Beta ' on the download page but that must be a file date rather than when it was posted or I'd not have been requesting it in my original post on March 30 in the first place.

The discussion page states '(5 posts)', for this thread, but I can only see mine - for whatever reason - and I am logged in to post this.

Therefore I don't know what those other 4 posts say, if they even exist at all.

I'd be grateful for the chance to see those other posts - and anything else relevant for running the offline version - and running it on a permanently offline Fire tablet.