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[Solved] - Can't open db on Dropbox


I host my db on Dropbox (only because I use a Linux laptop, and there's no free easy google drive solution at the moment...)
I had to reinstall Keepass2Android on my phone.
Trying to access my db, I always get the following message after the dropbox authorization screen (see attached capture)
"Unable to load the web page .... for the following reason : net::err_unknown_url_scheme"

I've read that dropbox changed its api or something like that ; would it be the reason of this ?

Trying to get the db on Drive is OK.

Keepass2Android version : 1.01-g
Android Version : LineageOS 14.1 - Latest weekly - Android 7.1
Phone : Samsung S5 Klte

Sincerly yours

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PhilippC wrote Sep 20 at 7:38 PM

maybe it helps to install the Dropbox app?

Isi_77 wrote Sep 21 at 7:19 AM

maybe it helps to install the Dropbox app?
As I read this, I thought "how could this help, the app should manage the Dropbox sign in on its own, with its own API" followed by "well, let's try anyway"

And it works !!!

Thanks ;)

Maybe add this issue on the Market description or with a pop-up in the app when trying to connect with Dropbox, as far as it is not solved, or in the FAQ....

I mark the issue Solved ;)