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Syncing issue


I've only been using KeePass and Keepass2Android for a couple of weeks. No problems with the database on different PCs but Keepass2Android seems to have stopped syncing a few days ago but kept claiming it was synced.

I have the .kdbx file on Google Drive.

Any new entries I made on PC did not show up at the phone, and vice versa (but PC changes synced fine to other PCs).

When opening the database on Android I always used the 'recently used' to open it after the very first load. Closing the database and loading it by opening it from Google Drive again fixed the syncing problem, but made me lose the entries created in Keepass2Android. Seems like it has only been using a local cache for days even though it said "synced" many times e.g. when I manually pressed the "Synchronize database" option.

(Phone: Huawei Mate 9 Pro)