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OneDrive account managing


I created a file on my old OneDrive and it worked great on the KeePass2Android app until I migrated all of my files to my new OneDrive. Now the app is still connecting to my old OneDrive, where the KeePass file is no longer held. I have tried to find somewhere to get the app to sign out of the old to sign into the new but no luck, I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling in hopes of resetting the configuration. That was unsuccessful as well. When I try to navigate to the file from the 3rd party app option it tells me that I need to copy the file locally. Can you please add a way to change the OneDrive account?


tschip wrote Aug 3 at 7:48 AM

In case of two account for OneDrive, it 's not possible to select the user account after using one account.
Only one time, I was able to see my two accounts using browse functionality for select a key (master password +key file).
Thanks for your consideration