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Could not save to remote: Permission Denial


Samsung Galaxy S7 on Android 6.0.1

Cannot save or merge kdbx file back to Cryptomator vault.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Install Dropbox, Keepass2Android, and & Cryptomator
  • In Cryptomator, create new vault within Dropbox
  • Upload kbdx file into vault
  • Open kdbx file from within Cryptomator > should prompt to open with KP2A
  • Edit file > Save
I receive this error:

Could not save to remote:
Permission Denial: writing uri content://org.cryptomator.beta.fileprovidor/decrypted/filename.kdbx from pid=26855, uid=10261 requires the provider be exported, or grantUriPermission(). Save again or use the Synchronize menu when remote connection is available again.

Attempting to synchronize results in the same error message minus the last sentence.

Is this an issue with KP2A, Cryptomator, a combination of the two, or limitations with the OS?
Closed Apr 5, 2017 at 9:23 PM by PhilippC
It's an issue with Cryptomator that they do not serve their vault contents through the Storage Access Framework as a document provider.
Please see