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Severe issues with KP2A keyboard hanging on S7


Keepass2Android keyboard has worked great for a long time, but has now started hanging almost every time I try to use it. This is almost certainly related to the Android OS killing KP2A perhaps to save power.

When I manually re-open the KP2A application, there's an initial hang of several seconds and then the keyboard becomes available again. However, it gets lost again in minutes and no longer appears when needed. I have to manually wake up the KP2A application again each time. This happens all the time, several times every day when I try to use the KP2A keyboard.

Additionally, changing the keyboard overlay (shift, numbers and special characters, ans back to normal) often has lag, display not updating.

I have battery monitoring disabled for KP2A, although once it insisted on putting KP2A to sleep claiming that it is making my phone slow. I wonder if that's true or maybe the problem is the battery optimizer intervening with KP2A keyboard? Anyway, I have it disabled for KP2A so it shouldn't be.

Please fix the KP2A keyboard hanging and becoming unresponsive on Galaxy S7.