Make sure database can be opened from internal cache


It seems like there are situations where opening without (good) connectivity fails or when the file on the server is inaccessible.
  • find a list of (reproducibale) situations
  • fix these


dewaldo wrote Mar 21 at 7:21 AM

Application hang when trying to open a database in Offline mode.
  • Device: Samsung Galaxy A3 2016
  • Version of keepass2android: 1.01-g
  • Keepass database with Master key only.
  • Database is located on a server using WebDAV https connection.
    -> Keepass2andorid is set up to check online version of the database only after entering password.
Steps to reproduce application hang:

1.) Start keepass2android app
2.) Mark the check box "work offline"
3.) Enter Master key and press unlock
-> App immediately crashes. The smartphone shows a little white textbox saying that Keepass2Android has stopped working.

At this point I can't do anything. Even the home button isn't working anymore. Only thing I can do is press the hardware power button to switch off the display.
Pressing power button again to switch display on again the message is still there. After 2 or 3 times switching on and off again I can select OK or report on the message box.
I just reported the error with the description "Application crash when opening database working offline"

When I don't select "work offline", but switching off mobile data and WLAN, then the app says that the database file is not reachable and then successfully opens the locally saved backup file.