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Black on black notification in a dark Substratum theme


Hi, I use Substratum for applying themes on my Nexus 6P. I am presently using a dark theme which applies a dark background to the notification drawer and sets framework color values to use lighter/white text colors for notification texts.

The trouble is, Keepass2Android notifications (like database opened, username/password available, quickunlock notification etc.) all show up with black text on black background.

I talked to the developer of the theme I am using to first confirm it was not a theme issue. His response was:
"So the thing about notifications is, they will be correctly themed in white if the app relies on android frameworks' values, but if they implement their own colors in a notification, they might have issues (much like a black on black notification)."

Furthermore, the dark notifications work just fine with other apps like gmail, whatsapp etc. (which are likely using framework values and not hard-coded text colors?)

Can you please update the app to use framework values for notifications?

Also, I am using dark theme from within Keepass2Android settings (if that matters).