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Keep rolling backup


Request that every time the database is saved/overwritten the previous version can be copied or renamed to something like .bak.<timestamp or incrementing number>

Why? I don't know any of my strong passwords at all, I need to rely on keepass 100% so losing the database would be disastrous. It might be possible for the database file to get corrupted due to some malfunction, a rolling backup would mitigate that.

Alternatives considered:
Dropbox keeps a revision history for 30 days, no more unless you pay for an upgraded account and an add on.

Google Drive will keep up to 200 versions but you have to go into the Google Drive web UI and tick a 'keep me forever' tickbox on each revision.

There are backup plugins for the Windows app but I don't use that very often, I don't want backups to stop just because I don't use that PC in a while.

Similarly, syncing Dropbox and running a backup program on some machine risks backups stopping if that machine is stopped/rebooted and program not started/rebuilt/fails and is not noticed.

There's no IFTTT 'that' (action) which will duplicate a file and name it uniquely.


RickBielawski wrote Apr 5, 2017 at 8:43 PM

As much as I agree, I'd rather not be burdened with old file cleanup and I'd hate to increase the chances of space issues on my phone or be prevented from saving a change for space reasons. If you go thru the trouble of adding cleanup (keep x backups for example) that's cool but I'd be happy with a checkbox on the Add/Update Entry screen to rename the existing file before saving. A config option to default the box as checked or unchecked would make a nice touch. This way I'm not burdened with cleanup I didn't ask for nor do I risk the app could delete something I didn't want deleted.