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Corrupted KP DB file


I'm using V1.01g of K2A. A few days ago, I tried to open my kdbx file in Dropbox, and I got this message "The file signature is invalid. Either the file isn't a KeePass database file at all or it is corrupted."

This has happened before, and I worked around it by retrieving the local copy. But this time I get the same message for both the remote file and local copy.

I saw another posting similar to this, and tired the LoadingInfoUtil on both my Android and Windows PC. With that utility variant of K2A I see nothing different on my Android version (still won't load - same error messages), but in my Windows version it copies one line about Hash to the clipboard, but nothing else.

Is there another way to recover this corrupted kdbx file? Is there a way (app settings?) to prevent better protect against such a corruption in the future?

BTW, I've used the app for several years and have been very happy with it. Over time I entered about 300 entries (I don't know if that quantity contributed to the problem or not).

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Mahtoles wrote Mar 21, 2017 at 12:54 PM


Is db is working fine with android v1.01g?