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unsupported auth scheme when opening remote database


Been using keepass2android for several years, and a huge fan of the app. I have my database stored on a remote Windows server being served up by HTTPS WebDAV. All of a sudden, when I try to open the database from the app I get an unsupported auth scheme error and it reverts to using the cached version of the database on my phone. I've tried wiping the cache and reloading the database, and putting a new "fresh" database on the server and trying to open that. I'm not sure if the error is referring to something with the database or the Windows server it's syncing with. I have full control over the server ( hosted in my basement) and nothing has been changed on it. Likewise with the database. I couldn't find anything on authorization schemes that are unsupported to cross reference with my setup. Tried reinstalling app with no avail as well.