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Use icons instead of texts, or the ability to change the app language


I am from Russia, and Russian words are typically longer (and sometimes much longer) than English, so when I am on quick unlock screen, the "Lock database" and "Quick unlock" texts do not fit in one line. When the keyboard is active, I do not see the input field at all (see the screen to get an idea of what I am talking about).

There are several workarounds for this (most preferable go first)
1) Use icons instead of texts
2) Enable language select in the app settings - then I can set English for this app
3) Use shortened texts


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sukhoi191 wrote Feb 25 at 9:42 AM

Same thing happens with Polish translation in "Copy user name / Copy password" notification.

ko1Rn wrote Feb 26 at 11:50 AM

Hi! You can vote for my issue then, if this is all about using icons instead of (long) texts