This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
To get started, please download Mono for Android from There's a free 30-days trial version available. If this is no option for you, please contact me. I can send you some links to an older Mono for Android version which doesn't expire (but therefore only runs in the emulator).

To build KP2A proceed as follows
  • clone the Git repository
  • execute keepass2android\src\keepass2android\UseManifestNet.bat
  • open Solution keepass2android\src\Keepass.sln. I'm using VS2012.
  • set the following symbols for conditional compilation INCLUDE_TWOFISH;INCLUDE_KEYBOARD;EXCLUDE_KEYTRANSFORM;INCLUDE_FILECHOOSER;EXCLUDE_JAVAFILESTORAGE in the projects keepass2android, KeePassLib2Android, Kp2aBusinessLogic
  • If you are using another IDE or still have problems when compiling regarding JavaFileStorageBindings, you can also remove the JavaFileStorageBindings and GooglePlayServicesFroyoLib references from projects Kp2aBusinessLogic and keepass2android
  • Unload JavaFileStorageBindings project from solution (building this project requires several additional steps which are not yet documented here)
  • create an empty file DropboxFileStorageKeys.cs in keepass2android\src\Kp2aBusinessLogic\Io\
  • build project keepass2android. There will be a few warnings from Mono for Android, but hopefully no errors.
  • run keepass2android

Please contact me before you start working on your feature so we can work out what's needed for later integration into the master branch.

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wolterma May 27, 2016 at 12:41 PM 
Are these instructions still up-to-date? I'm running into many different errors that would indicate some additional/different steps need to be taken in order to successfully build the solution...