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KeePass2 Offline database recovery from internal memory (?) on Galaxy S7 after factory reset

Jun 19 at 10:31 AM
I was using KeePass2Android Offline on my Galaxy S7 and accidently performed a factory reset. The database was set to always "sync", although as the offline version I do not know where it was being synced to (SD or internal memory?). Is there a way to recover the database from the reset phone? Unfortunately, my most recent phone backup does not contain the password manager database as I only started saving the passwords after the last update. Since I chose to backup directly to my computer I did not have a cloud backup or cloud synchronization of apps be it with Google, Samsung or any other service. If anyone knows in addition how I might recover my data in general (apps and so forth) I would also be most appreciative. Thank you in advance for any help. Brian

I saw this comparison of the two KeePass2 versions (below) which states that the database in saved to the SD. If this is the case where can I find the kdbx file? And if I find it can I just "port" it once I get my phone up and running again?