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PERMISSION DENIAL. I cannot access my old database on K2A offline. How to access and backup this DB do SD?

Feb 24 at 11:22 AM
Edited Feb 24 at 11:44 AM
Everything was OK on my K2A offline on Android OK untill I install K2A online version... Then my K2A offline starts showing a message: ERROR: Permission
Denial: reading
uri content://downloads/all_downloads/157 from
pid=26644, uid=10230 requires android.permission.ACCESS_ALL_DOWNLOADS, or
and do not allow me to login anymore.

The database that I was using on my Android is showed as content://downloads/all_downloads/157 but I really don´t know where it is and what I can I do to find it to copy to my external SD. I think that is on private cache directory but I cannot access without root my device. I already search for kdbx files without success.

I appreciate any help. Thanks