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No sync between Android phone and Google Drive

Feb 3 at 2:31 PM
I save my Keepass file on Google Drive. I experience sync issues when making changes to the file;
  • Any change done through my desktop (after saving) appears just fine when reopening the file on my desktop, but not in KeePass2Android
  • Any change done through my Android phone appears just fine on my phone, but not on my desktop. Nor does the file on Google Drive seem to have been updated. I rebooted my phone and still the same thing, the new passwords do appear in KeePass2Android, but it does not seem to sync to the file on Google Drive. I tried several times to re-open the file from Google Drive and to re-sync the database through the app options, but no luck. Even when closing and re-opening the file from GDrive in Keepass2Android, it shows me only changes done on my phone!
Any ideas anyone?

Kind regards