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DropBox selection not working

Jan 24 at 11:24 PM
The dropbox integration has broken I think. I was previously using dropbox and I am trying to login using Password + Challenge Response. I enter the password and then when I try to load the auxillary file for some reason it gives an error" that it is not able to load the auxillary file" and then after that it goes to picking the file again. As a result of this we can never open the database. I tried opening the file through Google Drive and that works. I think Philipp has changed the API for dropbox and OneDrive so that is one possibility where it might be broken. I have not tried with OneDrive yet. Anybody else seeing the same issue? I am using Nexus 5x.
Feb 1 at 8:47 PM
So I found out that if we delete the App data it works well.