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Support for KDBX 4 used by KeePass 2.35

Jan 10 at 7:04 AM
Unfortunately new version of KeePass 2.35 is using new format (KDBX 4) which is not supported by Keeepass2Android.
Jan 10 at 9:02 AM
I hope support for the new KDBX 4 file format will be implemented soon !! At least for the security improvement it brings.
Jan 10 at 10:25 PM
yes! very much wanted...
Jan 11 at 4:49 AM
Yep, me too ... just visited to see about this issue!
Jan 11 at 11:17 PM
Me too... (posting here to be notified on updates).
Jan 12 at 2:32 PM
Noticed the 2.35 announcement that KDBX format had changed. Thanks for this discussion.
Jan 12 at 6:17 PM
The switch to the new KDBX 4 file format on the PC version is still optional.

In File->Database Settings->Key Derivation Function, so long as you don't change away from the current default of AES-KDF, the file format should remain unchanged.

The developer says "As soon as all major KeePass ports support KDBX 4, KeePass will always save in this format and then Argon2 can be made the default KDF."

I hope that Keepass2Android counts as a "major" port.
Jan 12 at 6:56 PM
Edited Jan 12 at 6:58 PM
I was tempted to convert the KP database to Argon2 from the new desktop application. Glad I stopped by here before I did it - because I sync the same DB to my Android phone.

I'll wait.
Jan 13 at 11:58 AM
Don't worry if you changed the database KDF to Argon2 or the encrypt. algorithm to ChaCha2, you can change it back to the previous values and the database will still work in KeePass2Android. At least it did in my case :)

We'll just have to wait until these are implemented for KP2A, in order to start using them.
Jan 18 at 3:25 PM
So @BertHyman (or anyone) - Is it confirmed that upgrading an existing keepass v2.34 to v2.35 still works with KP2A?

It sounds like what you're saying is:
  1. We'll only have problems if we: upgrade to KP v2.35 AND manually choose the new derivation/encrypt options (Argon2/ChaCha2).
  2. Simply upgrading app to 2.35 should continue compatibility with KP2A
Are both of these statements correct?
Jan 20 at 7:39 AM
Hi. Both statements are correct: everything works fine as long as you don't change the database to ChaCha20 and/or Argon2. If you change it, KP2A won't be able to open it, no problem there, you can change it back to AES, AES-KDF. However, there is a KeePass2Android (Beta) on Google Play Store, which supports KDBX4, ChaCha20, Argon2. You'll have to register for beta tester to install it. I changed my database to ChaCha20/Argon2 and it works fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android 5.0. I think it's safe for anyone to try it and if something doesn't work unregister from beta tester and switch back to official release, along with database change back to AES/AES-KDF.
Jan 25 at 1:33 PM

Updated January 24, 2017

What's New 1.01:
added support for the new KDBX-4-format including Argon2 key derivation and ChaCha20 encryption, compatible to Keepass 2.35.
Reimplemented WebDav file storage, now allows file browsing and supports modern encryption.
Reimpleented FTP file storage, now allows file browsing and supports encryption (FTPS).
Updated to OneDrive SDK (previously used Live SDK is no longer updated)
Updated to Dropbox SDK v2 (previously v1 SDK is deprecated).
Jan 26 at 3:36 PM
Are there plans to add this to the offline version?