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HowTo for WebDAV (OwnCould). How is it intended to work?

Jun 30, 2016 at 7:52 PM
Edited Jun 30, 2016 at 10:55 PM
A) I'm able to open my database on the local file system (regular plain .kdbx file)
B) I'm able to open my database on the local file system that is sync to OwnCloud (using the CIRRUS android application)
C) I'm able to open my database on the ... (native Keepass2Android)

But I also have other computers synchronizing to that file hosted on OwnCloud.
What I want is for Keepass2Android to synchronize the "database entries" (i.e. merge kdbx to OwnCloud)
(Like on PC KeePass->Menu->File->Synchronize->Synchronize with URL...)
What I don't want is just to synchronize the "file" that contains the entries (i.e. overwrite the .kdbx on OwnCloud)

So my question is when I open the database directly from OwnCloud via webdav:
and I add new entries in that database, will Keepass2Android merge the new entries to the remote database on OwnCloud, or will it just overwrite the database file ?

Obviously what I want to avoid is:
1- Open KeepassDB on OwnCloud with PHONE using Keepass2Android
2- Create a new password entry XXX on my LAPTOP
3- Merge new password created on LAPTOP to OwnCloud KeepassDB
4- Create a different password entry YYY on my PHONE
5- Keepass2Android sync the KeepassDB "File" not the "DB Entries" and I lose the XXX entry that was made from the LAPTOP

Kind Regards,
Martin Politick June 2016