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Where is the 'keyboard key' for switching back?

Oct 31, 2014 at 9:59 PM

First and foremost, this app is fantastic, thank you! This is one of my very FIRST apps, as I've finally upgrading from a my trusty 'Nokia N82' to Samsung Galaxy Nexus! It's a freebie with just a bit of cracked screen, but can't beat a bit of free! :) Resisted using it for another 2 months after first received it, but now I think I'm hooked already! Despite the first thing I done when I finally powered up my gnex was to unlock the bootloader, so as to manually update from 4.2.1 straight to 4.3, I'm actually still learning the very basic functions of a smartphone, so you'll understand then if this is a silly question.

Got KP2A set up and working, but just wondering where is the 'keyboard key' for switching back to default keyboard after username/password fields have been completed?

In the documentation it states...

[QUOTE]"Click the KP2A key (on the bottom left) to select whether you want to enter Username/password etc. When you're done, click the Keyboard key (next to the KP2A key) to switch back to your favorite keyboard."[/QUOTE]

...but I don't see this keyboard key anywhere. I see...

ABC | User | Password | KP2A lock icon | X | Go | KPS2A lock icon

Is it in my blind spot?

Also I understand in settings I can set KP2A to switch keyboards after pressing 'Go', but is it possible to default back to Google Keyboard automatically without having to select via the popup 'Choose input method' prompt screen?

Thank you

Nov 2, 2014 at 11:54 PM
Hello, i just registered because i like keepass2android and i also wanted to help you.
And welcome to the great world of android smartphones. :)

if you look closely at some keys of the softkeyboard you will notice 3 dots on one corner. (...)

these mean that if you press and keep pressing for 1-2 seconds you get more options to select from.

Now the KP2A key (the one with the lock) also has these 3 dots and if you press and hold on this key you get also the option to change your keyboard.

Hope i was able to help.
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Nov 3, 2014 at 5:43 PM
Hi Beo6

Thanks for registering to help me, very much appreciated. I have resisted smartphones long enough, but felt I need to get involved now as started to feel like I'd been left in the past! Not to mention the look on their faces when I whipped out my 7 year old Nokia N82! :)

I was just about to reply to say that there are no little ... anyway, but then I looked REALLY closely, and you are right, they are there, just really tiny in the bottom right hand corner. Thank you! It's just a shame that it doesn't switch back to default keyboard automatically without having to 'Choose input method'.

Not a big deal and nothing to do with KP2A as I think it's an OS prompt, besides I have actually found if you have a rooted device, in the KP2A settings you can setup auto keyboard switch! This can be found in Settings > Application > Password entry access > Auto-switch on rooted devices.

I'm yet to root my gnex, because as you can see I'm still learning the VERY basics! I have as mentioned already opened the bootloader, so simply steps to root as well, but just need to do a little bit of research first regarding security issues, and of course if I really need it rooted. Would be nice, just for this auto-switch keyboard function alone.

Thank you