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Database located on a Google Drive 'shared with me'

Jun 10, 2014 at 5:50 PM
My wife and I are trying to set up a single database, located on my Google Drive. I've shared the file with my wife's account, so if she pulls up the Drive app, she can see it. I can log into it fine on my phone under my account with Keepass2Android, but when my wife opens the same app, it won't show the database to here. Am I missing something here?

The basic setup is as follows:

Phone 1 linked to Google account A.
Phone 2 linked to Google account B.
Google account A contains database file.
Database file shared with Google account B.
Phone 1 and 2 both see database file in the Drive app.
Phone 1 Keepass2Android app sees database file and can open it.
Phone 2 Keepass2Android app does not see database file at all.