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QRCode input

Aug 25, 2013 at 1:28 AM
I found a similar discussion on another app, but not here, so ...

I'm a little nutty about my passwords, and that's why I love KeePass & KeePass2Android. Trying to key in a real password on a mobile is a royal pain, and I'm not all that comfortable that a key file (on the device by necessity) provides much extra protection. I have been using a combination of a keyfile, a memorized password fragment, and QRDroid to input the remaining password. The thing is, QRDroid is not secure in the least, because it requires the use of the clipboard to transfer that string. Even if it were registered as a "keyboard" I believe other apps can tap into the data stream. I believe the supporting libraries (for QRCodes) are freely available. Has anyone considered adding QRCode reading to KeePass2Android (specifically for master key entry)?